DOM setAttribute() is different in M$ IE "the crappy"

Last days, I was working on a pure heavy (JavaScript/Ajax) component.
The component was required to run correctly across different browsers.
I really did the job in few hours but after start testing the component, I found it works fine on both FF and Opera but as usual I found the M$ IE complaining. I really found alot of IE weird things.

For example, if we try the following code in FF or even Opera, it would work fine.


<div id="myDiv">

<input value="Add New Element to div" type="button"
onclick="createNewElement();" />

function createNewElement() {
   var parentDiv = document.getElementById("myDiv");
   var buttonElement = document.createElement("input");

   buttonElement.setAttribute("type", "button");
   buttonElement.setAttribute("id", "myButton");
   buttonElement.setAttribute("value", "New Button");
   buttonElement.setAttribute("onMouseDown", "alert('Hi');");



The “New Button” button would be created if we click on the “Add New Element to div” button.
The 'Hi' message would appear also if we click on the “New Button” button. Here is the output :

But if we try to run the previous code on the M$ IE, we will find the code written under the “onMouseDown” doesn't work.
After spending some time in investigation, I found that the M$ crappy browser doesn't support setAttribute onEventXXX.
Here is the IE output (Nothing is done after clicking on the “New Button” button :

Finally after spending some time with the ugly IE, I could fix this problem by doing the following:

// The IE Fix.
buttonElement.onmousedown = function() {
     alert("Hi - Fixed on the crappy IE");