Build your own TSS feed reader using Yahoo! pipes in 30 second!!!

In Yahoo! pipes you can build your TSS feed reader with no code, all what you should do is just:
1. Drag and drop the Fetch Site Feed block, and then write “”.
2. Drag a filter block and define in the rules:
item.title -> contains -> “Java”.
3. Link the blocks together, as described in the screenshot below.

You can see the demo here:

Build your own TSS feed reader using Google Mashup Editor (GME)

Google Mashup Editor allows you to build Mashup applications easily and quickly.
Using it, I could build a TSS feed reader in 10 minutes.

Before seeing the application code, we should know the ingredients of a GME application.
1. Page:
Every GME page should be enclosed by the <gm:page> tag.
2. Modules:
A set of tags that perform different operations.
Example of modules are <gm:list> (which can read directly an RSS feed),
(which wraps the google map) and <gm:item> (which can represent an RSS feed item).
3. Template:
The <gm:template> tag is responsible for information viewing and formatting. It works as XSLT to XML.
It can view and format the <gm:list> and <gm:item> content.
4. Events:
The <gm:handleEvent> tag allows defining events on the modules.
5. Controls:
A set of tags that define the User Interface (UI). They must be inside the <gm:template> tag.
For example:
<gm:text>, <gm:date>, <gm:select> …etc.

OK after knowing the GME application ingredients, Let's see our application few lines of code.

<gm:page title="TSS Feed Reader" authenticate="false">
<div class="gm-app-header">
	<h1>Welcome to the GME TSS feed Reader</h1>

<gm:list id="tssList"
<gm:item id="item" template="rssFeedTemplate">
	<gm:handleEvent src="tssList"/>

<gm:template id="rssFeedTemplate">
		<b><gm:text ref="atom:title"/></b><br/>
		<gm:html ref="atom:summary"/><br/>


It is easy, is not it?
Here is the application url: