Sharing session between multiple wars in the same EAR (For WebSphere Applications)

To share the same session between multiple wars in the same ear, you can do this if you are using IBM Rational Application Developer (RAD) or Rational Software Architect (RSA). For this example, Iam using RSA 7.5.

Assume that you set a session attribute (key) to a value (xyz) in application1 war as follows:

session.setAttribute("key", "xyz");

Using this feature, you can get this session attribute in application2 war using:


To enable this feature in the EAR:
1. Open the (ibm-application-ext.xml), if you did not find this file in your EAR, just select the EAR (Java EE -> Generate WebSphere Extensions Deployment Descriptor).

2. Check the (Shared Session Context) option as follows:

This is about all!