Boosting Performance of jQuery Mobile with Apache Cordova

If you use jQuery Mobile with Apache Cordova, you may find a little bit slowness in the transitions between pages of your mobile application. Actually, I had this issue with one of my Apache Cordova applications, and after spending sometime investigating the problem, I found that the solution is to disable jQuery mobile transition effects as follows:

$.mobile.defaultPageTransition   = 'none';
$.mobile.defaultDialogTransition = 'none';

Disabling transition effects will dramatically boost your app’s transition performance. I hope that this advice can be helpful to you in order to enjoy developing your cross-mobile apps using the wonderful Apache Cordova library.

Note: This advice targets jQuery mobile 1.4 (and older versions), I wish that this slowness issue will be fixed in the future versions of jQuery mobile.

Speaking in ApacheCon North America 2014

ApacheCon Conference
@Monday, April 7 4:00 PM, I will be speaking in ApacheCon North America conference (that will be held from 07 April to 09 April @Denver, USA) about “Developing Native mobile applications using JavaScript”. My session will be a practical one, I will discuss how to develop native mobile applications using JavaScript and Apache Cordova. I hope it will be an interesting session for all the mobile development passionates :):

Personally, it is my first time to visit Denver, beside enjoying technical stuff, I would like to visit some tourist places there, any suggestions are welcome :D?

I really wish to see all of you there in ApacheCon North America 2014!