Cool mobile apps for developers

In the past, only desktops or laptops could be used to create computer programs. However, thanks to technological advancements, today’s smartphones can now be used in the creation of software.

Mobile apps that can be used to create programs on the go were made in order to hasten the development process of apps, which is quite possibly the most lucrative business today. In a study featured on entertainment site Pocket Fruity, it was discussed that more and more people take their smartgadgets wherever they go, may it be at a train station, on a bus, or in a pub. Since the app-making industry is extremely cutthroat, developers created an edge in the form of apps in order to beat deadlines even when they’re not at their workstations.

Here are two useful mobile apps for the web devs out there.

The C Programming Language App

This is one of the best apps for the C programmers out there. It is a handy app for scribbling down codes as well as checking codes thanks to its Reference Tab. The reference tab has links to the language reference, string library, math library, and standard library.

The C Programming Language has a feature that allows developers to test whether or not a program will run smoothly on a chosen platform. It also allows users to easily send their codes via email once they’re done. The app can be used for free by iOS users.

JavaScript Anywhere

JavaScript Anywhere is a three-in-one app that acts as a Java Script, CSS, and HTML editor. It has a very simply user interface so developers can get the hang of using it quickly. Like the C Programming Language App, JavaScript Anywhere allows users to check whether or not their program will work smoothly. Users can import saved projects via the Internet and even store their work on Dropbox for backup. Jsany can also be downloaded for free by iOS users.