Book Review #3 “Very good introduction into Apache Cordova”

March 5, 2015 in Apache Cordova, Book, Reviews

Attached below the review of Werner Punz (a Web and Mobile Development Expert) about the “JavaScript Mobile Application Development” book:

JavaScript Mobile Application Development Book

JavaScript Mobile Application Development Book

Very good introduction into Apache Cordova
“This book is a very good introduction into Apache Cordova. It basically guides you from the basics to the API integration, then to the most common APIs. After that you get an overview on how to unit test the application and how to write your own plugins and in the end you will get a guide to the implementation of a complex Cordova app.
The only thing I personally found missing was in the IDE section a description on how to integrated Cordova in the Android Studio instead of Eclipse, since Eclipse is on its way out in the Android area of programming.”


The book in Amazon:

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