Ten Tips for enhancing your Page Response Time

1. Do not declare your JavaScript functions in your view (JSP, XHTML, …etc). Instead, externalize your JavaScript functions to an external JavaScript file because JavaScript files are cached on the browser level.
2. Compress the JavaScript files.
3. Reduce the JavaScript code on the page load.
4. Do not use more than one client framework (for example: Dojo and YUI) on the same page.
5. Avoid duplicate JavaScript files include.
6. Avoid duplicate JavaScript functions.
7. Do not define your styles in your view. Instead, externalize your CSS code to a CSS file because CSS files are cached on the browser level.
8. Compress the CSS files.
9. Collect the images into one big image, and use the background-position for extracting the desired image.
10. Use Ajax for page updates like loading lists and independent lists.