Generating Keys for Google Maps API Using the APIs Console

I’m writing this post because I was asked many times how to generate keys for the web sites that are still using Google Maps APIs version 2 (or using GMaps4JSF that is still using Google Maps APIs version 2). Many users were confused because Google removed the key generation mechanism from the Google signup page and some of the users thought that it is no longer supported to generate keys for Google Maps version 2 applications. Fortunately, generating new keys for GMaps v2 applications is still supported.

Here are the steps that I follow for generating new key for my Google Maps API version 2:

  • Login to the APIs console at with your Google Account.
  • Activate the Google Maps v2 service by clicking the “Services” link of the left menu and then enabling the service as shown in the figure below:


  • Click on the “API Access” link of the left menu, then click on the “Create new browser key …” button, the following dialog will appear to you:


  • Enter the URL of your web site, and then click on the “Create” button, you will find your GMaps v2 key attached in the API access page as shown in the figure below:


Finally you can use this key for your GMaps v2 script include as follows:

<script src=";v=2&amp;key=ABCDEFGHIJK&sensor=false"

This is all about; I wish that this tip can be useful for you.