Build your own TSS feed reader using Google Mashup Editor (GME)

Google Mashup Editor allows you to build Mashup applications easily and quickly.
Using it, I could build a TSS feed reader in 10 minutes.

Before seeing the application code, we should know the ingredients of a GME application.
1. Page:
Every GME page should be enclosed by the <gm:page> tag.
2. Modules:
A set of tags that perform different operations.
Example of modules are <gm:list> (which can read directly an RSS feed),
(which wraps the google map) and <gm:item> (which can represent an RSS feed item).
3. Template:
The <gm:template> tag is responsible for information viewing and formatting. It works as XSLT to XML.
It can view and format the <gm:list> and <gm:item> content.
4. Events:
The <gm:handleEvent> tag allows defining events on the modules.
5. Controls:
A set of tags that define the User Interface (UI). They must be inside the <gm:template> tag.
For example:
<gm:text>, <gm:date>, <gm:select> …etc.

OK after knowing the GME application ingredients, Let's see our application few lines of code.

<gm:page title="TSS Feed Reader" authenticate="false">
<div class="gm-app-header">
	<h1>Welcome to the GME TSS feed Reader</h1>

<gm:list id="tssList"
<gm:item id="item" template="rssFeedTemplate">
	<gm:handleEvent src="tssList"/>

<gm:template id="rssFeedTemplate">
		<b><gm:text ref="atom:title"/></b><br/>
		<gm:html ref="atom:summary"/><br/>


It is easy, is not it?
Here is the application url: