“Pro JSF and HTML5” Book Review by Werner Punz

Attached below the review of Werner Punz (Senior software developer for Irian GmbH, Apache MyFaces Committer, and a member of the JSF Expert Group) about the “Pro JSF and HTML5” book:

Pro JSF and HTML5 Book

Pro JSF and HTML5 Book

Good but not perfect
“The book itself is a crash course in JSF with extensive JSF 2.2 coverage and component coverage.

The first part of the book is an introduction into JSF and JSF 2.2, the second part walks you through component creation the third part covers two of the most widely used component libs and the fourth part walks you through an entire JSF application utilizing Java EE 7.

Well what should I say, while I wished some parts were covered more deeply, like the already extensive component creation part or the Java EE application walk-through which should have gotten more explanatory coverage in the Java EE area, I personally guess that the book as JSF 2.2 reference and as a tutorial book for JSF fulfills its purpose very well.

The problem I see simply is if you want to cover component creation for JSF on its own with all the special cases for different component types, you probably need a book on its own, the same goes for a full blown Java EE application with all its little details on which pattern to apply where and why, this would be also another book which then should omit the JSF tutorial part.

I will give the book 4 stars as very good JSF 2.2 and component creation reference and good JSF tutorial, but one star less due to the lack of depth especially in the application walk-through which should have gotten a bit more explanation on the Java EE side of things.”



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