DZone MVB (Most Valuable Blogger)

Today, I’m really glad and honored to be selected as a DZone MVB (Most Valuable Blogger). DZone’s MVB program brings together a group of highly talented bloggers, authors, and technologists actively writing about topics of interest to the developer community. These people are recognized in the industry for their contributions and deep technical knowledge on subjects ranging from software design and architecture to programming on a range of platforms including Java, .NET, Ruby and others.

One of my main passion areas is generally speaking, writing, and sharing my experience and ideas with people. This is why I find writing books and blogging an interesting activity. I think writing (and speaking) is a great way to communicate and exchange our ideas (as a part of the WW community) with each others, and it is a wonderful way to enhance our experiences.
Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 12.00.33 AM
When I began writing, My main aim was (and still) sharing my experience with the WW community in order to help people rapidly resolving problems that are similar to the problems that I face during my daily job, and also in order to learn from the community if they have better solutions.

I hope that, if you do not have your own technical blog yet, to start creating your own one and share your technical experience because it will be definitely useful to at least someone in somewhere in this world.